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Diabetic Living India

Diabetic Living is a magazine aimed at those 62.5 million Indian people and their families who bravely live with diabetes everyday. Diabetic Living is the only lifestyle magazine that demonstrates how to live fully each and every day while managing diabetes. Each issue provides the reader with delicious diabetic friendly recipes, easily implemented exercise ideas and medical breakthroughs for readers who want to take responsibility for their diabetes. Guided by an independent board of nationally recognized health experts, Diabetic Living is a magazine that does not talk at the reader but talks to the reader. Diabetes is a reality and there are ways to live a fulfilling, healthy and normal life with it- the magazine tells the reader in a reassuring fashion that diabetes can be lived with and lived with style.


TCG Media is distinguished in the publishing segment for mastering the craft of infotainment by producing intelligent and visually appealing content. Attracting readers and aficionados of luxury, art, business, fashion and lifestyle, the company’s portfolio includes some of the most celebrated titles such as L’Officiel (Bible of Fashion), FHM (World’s largest selling men’s lifestyle magazine) and niche magazines like Diabetic Living (India’s only magazine catering to Diabetes) and TransREporter (the largest circulated logistics magazine and weekly newspaper in India).

With a bouquet of niche titles and having an experience of more than 9 years in the publishing industry and state-of-the-art IT, the company boasts of an approximately 92% retainer-ship of the best talent – in a nutshell, we are a one-stop solution for all your needs in the publishing industry.