Fitness Apps Vs. Fitness Instructor

Fitness Apps Vs. Fitness Instructor

Fitness is an essential requirement in our everyday life. In these contrasting times, we’re also getting extremely tech-friendly and we’re now becoming aware of the importance of good health.

The question that now arises is a mobile app or a fitness instructor? Let’s look at both sides.

Fitness applications are typically brilliant because they’re mobile; we have them with us all the time. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, work out more often, or just increase your total amount of daily movement, an application that’s always with you and always connected to a network of supportive people can do wonders. Fitness apps have revolutionized the way we approach to exercise, they keep us up to date.

However, on the other side of the spectrum are the fitness trainers, who guide and motivate you to step by step to reach your fitness goals. These are people who not only train you but also educate and motivate you. The upside of getting trained with a fitness instructor is the constant cueing, watching for a form of the exercises and providing modifications if and when required.

Our gadgets put vast amounts of information at our disposal. They give us an accurate count of the miles we just walked, how many calories we’re eating at the moment, not only that they also remind us of two-hour intervals between meals and daily exercise alarms. If that’s not enough it helps pamper your competitive side by being in constant check of who’s run how much, not only amongst your friends but all those who have the same application.

To lay all the cards on the table, we must realise just like robots might be ten times better than humans, they can’t outplay our inputs. The same way a virtual guide can fix your posture or tell you where you’re going wrong. It may be an easier option, but health is never to be taken lightly.

Maybe, striking the right balance between the two, an option would be to train with an instructor for a few days and the other days of the week, let the virtual guide help you stay on track so you can have the best of both worlds without it itching your pocket.


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