Pilates Fit

Pilates Fit

Namrata Purohit is one of Bollywood's fitness trainer who is very dedicated to her work and works hard on her clients. Read her interview to know about her lifestyle and fitness Regime. 

The meaning of fitness is still largely synonymous with weight-loss. What’s your idea of fitness?

Fitness to me is a balance of both mental and physical health.  What we don’t realise is the mind and body has to work in tandem for the overall well-being of an individual.

As a celebrity coach, how do you encourage fitness enthusiasts to be more goal-oriented and not blindly follow celeb workout regimes?

People need to understand that following a celebrity workout routine can be a way to get motivated but everybody has a different built and DNA. Workout routines are designed according to an individual’s body type and stamina. Following someone’s workout regime can work on their body types but not necessarily on the person following it.

How can we inculcate body-positivity in people and curb body-shaming?

I think with times people are seeing a shift in their perception to different body types. Nowadays we can see that men and women are accepting of their bodies and I am totally here for it. In the metropolises we see new healthy habits being inculcated that reduce the idea of body shaming. Our generation is living a fast-paced life but there is always a way to take care of oneself through diet and exercise and you can always make time for it. I strictly adhere to this and I am hopeful people will too.

Tell us more about yourself. Maybe, the side of you, that people would seldom know of.

I like to sing, I was also trained in Classical music.

Celebs too, are like us. So, what’s one common excuse celebs give to skip the workout?

I have never met any of my celebrity clients who have wanted to skip a class. They all are pretty dedicated to their workouts.

One celeb you wish to train?

I will name two Ranveer Singh and Tiger Shroff.

Your cheat meal?

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio

Five essentials in your gym bag?

Headphones, toe-socks, a jacket, change of shoes and my tripod.

 Your role model?

It is my father. He is one person who I look up to for everything in my life. At his age, he is so much more dedicated to what he does. He really is my inspiration.

What according to you is the lazy girl’s guide to being fit?

Don’t go too hard on yourself when you workout. Give yourself small goals to accomplish. Divide and plan your workout. Do a workout you enjoy. Any kind of physical activity even if it is 15 minutes-a-day does a lot to make you feel pumped for the day. Being consistent is key so that it becomes a habit.