Every single woman out there wishes to have a leaner waist, a smaller pant size. But narrowing your waistline has to do more with refining your sensitivity to insulin levels and glucose levels, than how you look in the mirror. Various studies conducted have revealed that stomach fat is a driving aspect behind the growth of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. If weight loss is your ultimate fitness goal, especially if you are diabetic, love handles or the stubborn pinchable fat on both sides of the abdomen can definitely prove to be a hurdle for you.

Exercises to get rid of your love handles

Dumbbell Squat to Overhead Press

Perform the workout by standing with your feet being shoulder-width apart and hold a pair of dumbbells in front of you. While exercising, you must ensure that your palms face each other and your elbows are pointed down towards the direction of the floor. Gently pull your shoulders backwards and support your core. This should be your starting posture. From this position, start pushing your hips backwards gradually bending your knees to lower down your body as far as you restfully can come down into a squat position, keeping your chest up as you continue to do so. The moment you hit the lowest point of your squat, instantly push through your heels to come back to the standing posture and concurrently press the dumbbells up above till the time your arms are in a straight posture, but not locked out.

Warrior Pose

In this yoga posture, you need to breathe in to step out your right foot in the forward direction between your hands. Gently turn your left heel in, press into your feet down, and raise your chest up. Slowly you must elevate your arms and press your palms together. By drawing your shoulder blades downwards toward the direction of your hips, you must gaze up towards your hands. Hold the position for five breaths.

Rotational Pilates Exercises

Performing these functional upper torso Pilates exercises will aid in engaging your core, obliques (sides) and muscles of the abdomen. One of these movements known as crisscross requires one to lay down flat with legs being elevated and spread out. The moment one of your knees bends, revolve your chest towards it. When a Pilates equipment is added to this type of workout, it becomes all the more functional. To conclude, take the first step towards recovering diabetes through the above-mentioned fitness workouts. It will play a significant role in eliminating your stubborn love handles, thus bringing you closer to achieving your fitness goals.



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