Step Ahead: Bicep Hold And Heel Touches

Step Ahead: Bicep Hold And Heel Touches

Now that you have tried the moves mentioned in our previous issue, it’s time to take the course to the next level. Find yourself challenged with these muscle toning exercises as they require an overall fit body and health. However, being the second level it may sound challenging and tough, but it is not. If anything this exercise is like a low cost investment with big benefits. 



Hold For 30 Seconds


This is an isometric exercise, which means it involves contracting and holding a muscle without moving it. Sit behind a heavy table or desk (that you cannot lift) with your shoulders back and down, chest and head up, and feet flat on the floor. Use a chair that allows your elbows to be at about the same height as the table. Place your palms on the underside of the table, with your thumb wrapped around the top. (If the table is too thick, keep your thumb underneath.) From this position, engage your biceps muscles and attempt to lift the table (A). How hard you make this, it’s up to you. The goal is to find a tension that you can hold consistently for a full 30 seconds. When you are done, gently release the contraction.




10 Heel Touches On Each Side


Sit tall in the middle of a chair with your shoulders back, chest and head up, and feet flat on the floor. Engage your core and place your arms at your sides with your hands hanging in front of the chair, fingers pointed down (A). Begin by reaching your left hand straight down towards your heels, keeping your chest and head facing forward, until you feel a gentle stretch in your right side (B). Return to sitting upright, allowing the movement to stem from your waist. Pause here to re-engage your core, then switch sides. Aim for slow and smooth back-and-forth movements.


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