Stretching Towards Fitness

Stretching Towards Fitness

Twenty-four—an age where many people decide what to do in life, this young lady had it all sorted. She is an author, a fitness expert, an entrepreneur, and she made a name for herself as the Pilates girl of the nation, Namrata Purohit. Today, she has not only made her mark in the world of fitness but has also given Pilates a nationwide acclamation, which it always deserved. In this tête-à-tête, she gets candid about her aspirations, her lifestyle, and her checklist for the years to come. Edited excerpts follow. 


You are widely known as “the Pilates girl”. How did you get interested in Pilates?


I was lucky to actually “fall” into Pilates. When I was 15, I had a bad fall and injured my knee. I had to undergo immediate surgery. Post that, I tried various fitness forms and exercises and after a year of trying almost everything, I was lucky to have a father who was hosting a Pilates course in Mumbai. When I tried it, in just three to four classes, I was absolutely pain-free for the first time in a year and could even go back to playing squash. It was magic and I really wanted to spread that magic.



Enlighten us about the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) workout regimen. How does it affect the overall body fitness in just 20 minutes?


Having its origin from physiotherapy, EMS essentially involves the contraction of a muscle as a reaction to the electrical impulses that it receives from an external stimulus. By stimulating 90 per cent of the agonists (contracting muscle), the antagonists (relaxing muscle) and the stabiliser muscles, using continuous low-frequency impulses from an external source, a whole-body workout can take place at any given time. This weekly 20-minute workout is not only as effective and intense as several hours of a conventional strength training workout, but is also extremely time-friendly, safe on the joints and doable by almost everyone. EMS training helps you avoid muscle imbalances by enabling your body to work as a whole, while simultaneously focusing on training the deeper, underlying muscles that often get ignored. It increases one’s metabolic rate, lean body mass, and overall strength. It is also a great method for weight loss and even for post-pregnancy fitness. However, most importantly, EMS can benefit clients of all ages, with various fitness backgrounds as the routines are extremely customised.


What do you think makes Pilates tough, yet the most preferred workout?



Pilates is a mind and body form of exercise. When you do Pilates you have to follow five basic principles, which are breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, shoulder placement as well as head and neck. So, you have to make sure all these things are aligned. Pilates also works through the core, so every exercise you do, you’re going to be working thoroughly from the core—the powerhouse of the body. You work on stability, balance, flexibility, strength, concentration, coordination, core engagement and that’s what makes Pilates really special.



What does a regular day in the life of Namrata look like?


I usually start my day really early in the morning. I either play a game of squash or go horse riding, just workout or spend some time with myself in the morning. Post breakfast, I get to the studio and train clients, and in the afternoon or in the evening I usually have business meetings and work on the studio, train with trainers and work on the in-house development of The Pilates Studio. Evenings are for events. I also love spending time with my friends. Some days of the week I have my dance classes and singing classes. And that’s a little bit about my day.



You authored the book, The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit in 2016. Do we see another version of it coming up anytime soon?


It has been a while since it was released and it was really special as I wrote it when I was 17 years old. Now over the years, I have gained more knowledge and experience. So yes, I would like to write another one and hopefully, it will be out really soon.



What are your future plans?


Last year, we released our first single ‘ Flow ’ and this year, we would like to release the second one and hopefully be able to inspire more people to overcome challenges and follow their dreams. I also plan to launch more studios across the country and internationally. In the course of it, we will have to make sure that we stay up to date with all the technology that is out there. I am also looking forward to putting up more videos on my YouTube channels and working on apps. On the personal front, I have a thing that every year I need to learn and practice a new adventure sport. This year, I have taken up surfing.



This issue of Diabetic Living India is all about women. Would you like to give any fitness tips to working women who find it difficult to take time out for fitness amidst their hectic schedules?


Well, it’s very simple, the first principle I always follow is KISSS ie. ‘Keep it Safe Simple and Smart’ in anything in life may it be your workout regimen, personal life or work. Also, you will have to find time for yourself because health is wealth. There is no better way of self-care than going to the gym, working out and taking care of health. Eat well, eat right, sleep well, rest is important.


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