Therapeutic Splash

Therapeutic Splash

Give a man anything and he will convert it into something of use. From being the creatures fearing the seas — thinking they will fall off the earth once they reach the horizon — to being a post-modern homo sapiens putting water to good use (read: healing) is a long march. We are talking about aqua therapy.

The brainchild of Harsh Mariwala, founder and chairman of Marico Industries and Kaya Limited, started AquaCentric Therapy in June 2018, is one such example. We chatted with him to know more about how water is being at this centre to get rid of discomfort and pain. Excerpts:

How did you conceive of AquaCentric therapy in India?

Having witnessed the success of aqua therapy globally and noticing the lack of anything remotely close to it in India, led me to set up its base here. AquaCentric therapy is a holistic physiotherapy centre that offers multi-faceted services using water, land and air based elements to heal.

What are the therapies that one can undertake?

We offer ancient Japanese therapies of Watsu (Water Shiatsu), which is passive relaxation therapy. Then there is Ai-Chi, an active relaxation technique, which is practised within a sphere of aqua therapy to bring about muscle relaxation, stress relief and improving circulation. Ai-Chi helps in arthritic cases, joint stiffness, balance and motor control. We also offer Halliwick that helps in strengthening core stability. Badragaz ring method is offered for neuro-muscular disorders, coordination, strengthening and bringing about mobility.

What are the main service verticals?

Orthopaedic for spine care, pre and post-operative rehabilitation, fracture’s, arthritis, spondylosis, muscle and ligament injuries. Neurology for treating problems related to stroke management, traumatic & non-traumatic brain / spinal cord injuries, movement disorders, neuromuscular diseases, multiple sclerosis, and motor neuron diseases.

Women’s health care for pre and post-natal care, bladder and bowel incontinence, hormonal imbalance like PCOS, pre and post-menopausal issues, osteoporosis-related care, metabolic disorders, gynaecological pre and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Pediatric for cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorders, autism-related disorders, genetic disorders, developmental delay or child obesity.

How safe are these therapies?

We have a team of doctors who are internationally trained in Aquatic Therapy and Advanced Aquatic Rehabilitation. The team follows gold-standard guidelines in offering therapeutic services. They are also very well equipped to cater to every individual’s needs and provide end-to-end wholistic experience in muscle strengthening and generating body balance.

There are specially curated therapies for individuals as well as for groups. Warm therapeutic indoor pools with underwater exercise equipment like treadmill, bikes, resistance jets, or superior strength training equipment customised for physiotherapy allows improvement of core strength, stability, balance and coordination among people.