Tips To Drop Kilos

Tips To Drop Kilos

Being obese or heavy weighted dehydrates your pool of self-confidence. There are many exercises in the platform of social media that claims to help you reduce weight, but the results are not always the same.

We are here to suggest some healthy tips and ways that you can incorporate in your daily life. The results completely depend upon your dedications and how much loyal are you towards your dream body,  

1. Eat fruits and vegetables you’ve never tried before

Find a variety of low-carb (and low-calorie) non-starchy vegetables at your local supermarket. Fruits and vegetables are not only the source of a great number of healthy nutrients but also restricts your enlarged dose of calories that you take from the other junk and fried foods.  

2. Walk it off

Thirty minutes of walking burns about 150 calories – and you don’t have to do it all at once. Briskly stroll to a nearby park to eat your lunch and park your car far from the mall entrance. Instead of watching your grandchildren’s sporting events on the bleachers, watch while walking around the cricket ground. You can indulge in the sport too. Be sure to check your feet before and after walking and always wear sneakers to protect them from injury.

3. Sleep longer

It’s tempting to stay up late when it’s a night out. But when some researches restricted 10 dieters’ sleep to less than six hours a night, they lost only half the amount of fat (and more muscle) than when they got more than eight hours. Sufficient shut-eye is also a key for blood glucose control.

4. Enlist the pros

Make an appointment with a dietitian or nutritionist to work up a meal plan that can help you lose weight. And if you haven’t exercised before, have your health care provider time your meal and medication schedules to your workouts.

5. Encourage your spouse or best friend to move with you

Long ago, a study showed that married couples who exercise together are much less likely to quit than those who work out solo. Consider nightly after-dinner walks for two, or take up a two-person sport such as tennis.


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