People with diabetes are always instructed to consume foods that digest slowly and do not spike the blood glucose level. Protein is among such food items. And one such protein which is both contemporary and popular in the world of fitness is ‘whey’ protein. But people with diabetes are permitted to devour it or not?

Whey protein is one of the major sources of protein that is obtained from milk and dairy products. This protein has been used for several years as a sports supplement and to enhance muscle growth and increase fat burn. However, whey has lately gained popularity in controlling blood sugar levels in people.

Here we have presented some points to show how whey protein works wonders for diabetics.

1. Whey protein is a rich source of amino acid, L-Cysteine that is used to synthesise glutathione which is perceived as the prominent antioxidant for the body. This amino acid helps in eliminating all the toxic radicals that accumulate in your body which leads to insulin resistance.

2. It reduces the level of triglycerides in people who diabetic. Whey protein works magic when taken after meals as it helps in maintaining the breakdown of glucose in the body.

3. When incorporated in the feasts, whey protein can enhance the production of insulin and thus helps in lowering down the blood sugar after a meal. This phenomenon is known as preprandial blood glucose.

4. If you are overweight and obese then you are at a greater risk of getting diabetes. Whey protein helps you feel fuller for a long duration preventing you from absorbing extra calories in a daily routine.

Whey protein is extremely concentrated, so it is urged not to absorb a lot in order to get better results. Whey protein contains 15 to 30 gms of protein per serving. So, in order to lose weight, improve insulin sensitivity and to heighten metabolism you only need to intake per serving of whey protein in the course of the entire day. Keep in mind that anything is safe if taken in moderation, surpassing anything than the provided limit does more harm than good.