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Chocolate-Coated Strawberry

Yummy, juicy and mouth watering, we love to enjoy strawberries in the form of ice creams, shakes, smoothies and other desserts. This bright red-coloured conical fruit has been grown in the wild for centuries. The smaller varieties have a stronger flavour than the bigger ones which are generally watery.


“Strawberries also tend to be high in natural sugar. Often diabetics wonder if they should include this fruit in their diet as it might be high in sugar. They are advised to have one fruit a day with an excepting for grapes, mango, chikoo as these are loaded with sugar.


A cup full of strawberries gives about six grams of carbohydrates, which makes it perfect food to add to everyday meals for diabetics. Strawberries also contain many flavonoids and antioxidants that considerably increase its health benefits,” says well known Mumbai-based Endocrinologist - Dr. Shashank R. Joshi. He further states that “sugar free foods makes you crave for more food and calories. The taste of sweet does cause the release of insulin, which lowers blood sugar, and if carbohydrates are not consumed, it causes a drop in blood sugar which triggers hunger and cravings for sugar. So if an artificial sweetener is consumed alone, it could theoretically increase hunger.”


Chocolate-Coated Strawberry


  • 450g fresh strawberries
  • 160g sugar free dark chocolate
  • 70g white chocolate
  • 1 tbsp pounded walnuts to garnish

Wash and clean the strawberries and set aside. Place the dark sugar free chocolate and the white chocolate in two individual bowls and set aside. Heat a sauce pan with water. When it comes to a boiling point, lower the flame and place the bowl of dark chocolate over it. It should take less than 5 minutes to melt, if the chocolate is kept at room temperature. Stir until the texture is smooth. Take it off the flame and place the bowl of white take 2 – 3 minutes to melt. Once it melts, take it off the flame, stir it well and set aside. Place a sheet of butter paper over a tray. Use a wooden skewer or a fork to hold the strawberries one at a time, dip them in the dark chocolate and let the excess chocolate drip back in the bowl. Place each chocolate-coated strawberry on the butter paper, setting them well apart. Dip a fork in the white chocolate and drizzle it over the dark chocolatecoated strawberries. Alternately, one can place the dark chocolate coated strawberries in pounded walnuts instead of white chocolate. Set aside for 1 hour. Enjoy having this sumptuous dessert.


Fresh Strawberry Sorbet


  • 450g fresh strawberries, diced
  • ½ cup sweetwell cooking sugar
  • 100 ml water
  • juice of 1 lemon

Wash, clean and cut the strawberries into quarters. Place them in a blender along with sweetwell cooking sugar and lemon juice. Blend well to make a smooth puree. Add in the water and blend well once again. Place the contents in an air tight freezing tray and freeze for two hours. Scoop out and serve in individual bowls. Garnish with a sprig of mint leaves.




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