Gulab Ki Kheer And Date Almond Halwa

Gulab Ki Kheer And Date Almond Halwa

There are some recipes that are specifically made for both your sugar level and sugar craving. Do not refrain from these delectables and maintain your glucose level at the same time. Read on for the recipe. 



Risotto, Wild Rice and Gulab Ki Kheer




  • 75 gm Arborio Rice
  • 65 gm American Wild Rice
  • 20 gm Fresh Rose Petals
  • 1 tsp. Kewra Water
  • 2 Tbsp. Stevia Sugar Powder
  • 10 gm Dry Figs
  • 1.5 L Toned Milk
  • 30 ml Clarified Butter/Desi Ghee
  • Green Cardamom Powder (a pinch)



1. In a saucepan heat ghee, add Arborio rice and stir well.

2. In another saucepan, boil the milk and remove from heat, keep aside. Meanwhile, keep on adding the milk into arborio rice till it is slightly soft, then add the rest of the milk.

3. Wash and soak wild rice for 20-25 minutes and add this to the already prepared milk and rice mixture.

4. Wash and chop dry figs and rose petals. Don’t forget to keep a few rose petals, aside for garnishing. Add the rest to the milk with figs and a pinch of cardamom powder, let the milk simmer. Once the rice is cooked add stevia (sugar-free) and cook until it is thick.

5. Remove from the flame and cool kheer.

6. In a plate put a ring, pour one spoonful of kheer, press slightly to make a form of a layer of cake. Remove the ring and garnish kheer with rose petals.


This recipe is given by Chef Avanish Jain, Radisson Blu, Faridabad



Date Almond Halwa



  • 140 gm Whole Almonds with Skin
  • 175 gm Seedless Soft Dates (Finely Chopped) 
  • 242 gm Skim milk (Boiled)  
  • 227 gm White Cooking Butter (Melted)




1. Warm the almonds lightly in a microwave, this helps quick powdering. Use the pulse button in your mixer, and pulse grind the almonds to a soft powder along with the skin. 

2. Take a heavy-bottomed saucepan or use a non-stick pot.

3. Pour in all five ingredients together into the pot.

4. Stir the contents over the fire. You can start off with high flame, and then reduce the flame to medium once the ingredients are incorporated well together and begin to bubble.

5. It will take you around 15 minutes of continuous stirring over medium flame to completely cook the halwa.

6. The halwa is done when it starts frothing around the sides of the pot and begins to leave the sides. Remove to a storage bowl immediately.

7. This does not need any garnishing and can be served immediately. 


This recipe is given by Chef Tarun Sibal, One Fine Meal