Healthy Fruit Blast: Avocado Quinoa Salad and Coconut Yogurt

Healthy Fruit Blast: Avocado Quinoa Salad and Coconut Yogurt

Wake up to a not-so-sweet fruit-based morning meal, and kick start your day. 



250 ml Coconut Milk

250 ml Coconut Cream

1 unit Probiotic Tablet 

1 unit Vanilla Bean/Orange Zest

½ Cup seasonal fruits 

¼ Dried nuts and berries/granola/honeycomb

1 tsp. Chia seeds

Coconut Sugar/Honey/Stevia 

(As per taste)

NOTE: You will also need cheesecloth for preparing this dish. 


Empty coconut milk and cream into a clean glass jar or bowl. Top with probiotic capsule contents and stir well. 

Cover with cheesecloth and wait for it to set well. Let it set for 12 hours or overnight. Refrigerate for six hours so that it can thicken and turn creamy. When thickened add sugar/ honey as per your taste, flavour with vanilla beans or orange zest and whisk well. Put in little jars or ramekins and top it up with seasonal fruits or dried cranberries, nuts and Chia seeds. 

This recipe is brought to us by Chef Neha Singh from Cichetti.




½ unit Avocado

½ unit Fresh orange 

10 gm Spring onion

5 gm Parsley (chopped)

15 ml Extra virgin olive oil

5 ml Lemon juice

10 gm Black quinoa

15 gm White quinoa 


For The Creamy Avocado Mixture

Mix avocado, orange juice, orange segment, salt, pepper, chopped spring onion and extra virgin olive oil in a bowl. Mix them well to form a smooth mix.

For The Quinoa Salad

Boil quinoa until cooked, then add lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, chopped parsley and pepper and fine chopped onion to it.

For plating, place quinoa mix at the bottom and on top place the empty avocado shell to be filled with creamy avocado mix, microgreen and orange segment. 

Please note, you can place some edible flower, if you have, to make the dish look better. 

This recipe is brought to us by Prateek Arora, Director, QLA.