Home Remedies For Mild Burns

Home Remedies For Mild Burns

What is that first thing that comes to your mind when you think of celebrations? Delicious food and firecrackers? Let us be honest that no festivity is complete without bursting one or two of those bad boys. However, along with memories to treasure, these gala times sometimes leave some painful burns behind.

Therefore, to make your merrymaking hassle-free, we are enlisting some smooth and natural ways that will not let these monsters hamper your happiness.




If you face a minor burn, make sure to run the wound under cold water to get it cleaned. After that, peel and slice or peel and grate a potato. Apply the sliced or grated potato on the affected area. Keep replacing it, as and when needed. You may also hold them with a bandage or gauge. Potatoes are an excellent choice for drawing out heat and they are also greatly helpful in removing the itchy feeling from the skin.




Another way to cure burn is by using oats. For a moderate burning wound, add a little quantity of oats to a cup of water and mix it thoroughly. Apply the mix over the affected area and let it air dry completely. But in case the burning wounds are bigger than soak at least a cup of oats in water for about 20 minutes. Once mixed, apply it gently and let it dry naturally. The layer of oats will aid in reducing the itching and burning sensation of the flesh and decrease the inflammation as well.


Black Tea Bag

Yes, you heard it right a black tea bag. First and foremost, clean the affected area and let it cool down under running water, pat it gently to dry. Now soak a couple of black tea bags underwater and make sure that they are completely drenched. Place the wet bags on the burnt area and keep it on the place using some gauze or clean piece of clothing. This method works because the tannic acid found in the black tea helps to extract the heat from the burnt section, resulting in cooling down the sensations and decreasing the pain.