Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

Always have a compelling desire to eat sugary desserts after your meals? But scared about the calories that come from it? Why not try gourmet yoghurts? The perfect marriage of sweet, refreshing, and of course, healthy, gourmet yoghurts are the new star avatar of the conventional dahi that has been a crucial part of our Indian diet. Flavoured gourmet yoghurt is similar to ice-cream, but with probiotic goodness. So, don't stop yourself and feel guilty for having something sweet, try out some of these sweet, yet low-fat gourmet yoghurts.


If you have a major sweet tooth and you find it difficult to not have dessert, Epigamia’s flavoured yoghurt will act as a great dessert replacement. It includes nearly 6 gms of protein for a small 90 gms cup, and the overall calories are around 110–120 cal, which is approximately as much as an apple. You can manage to get your protein intake while you still get the pleasure of having something sweet.


Are you gluten-intolerant? Fret not. Cocoberry has delicious gluten-free yoghurts, which contain no preservatives and natural flavours. Cocoberry is a unique dessert and beverage brand that offers gourmet frozen yoghurts, and fresh fruit and yoghurt smoothies. It not only offers sugar-free options, but it is also one of the few Indian brands that produce sugar-free chocolates. The products are prepared fresh daily, and the yoghurts are 100 per cent vegetarian with no trans-fats, making it a win-win dessert for all.

Nestle’s a+Grekyo

If you feel hungry after meals and crave something sweet, why not grab a pack of Nestlé a+ Grekyo and indulge in a healthier snack? Nestle’s a+Grekyo comes in a variety of fruity variants such as mango, strawberry, orange, and pineapple. On the nutritional front, it is marginally lower in protein as compared to Epigamia, but it is higher in calcium content. The added fruit pieces and milk gives it a deliciously thick and creamy texture.

Red Mango

Another great addition in the gourmet yoghurt list is Red Mango. Its non-fat frozen yoghurt is packed with calcium, protein, and live active cultures that are beneficial for your body. Unlike other desserts that comprise of artificial ingredients or unreasonable calories from sugar, Red Mango frozen yoghurt is low in fat, all-natural, and 100 per cent gluten-free. You can get creative and customise your yoghurt choice with delicious toppings such as fresh fruit, granola, nuts, chocolate chips, and what not.


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