Benefits Of Amla

Benefits Of Amla

Previously we shared with you some wonders about amla and we feel like there is more to this superfood that people know. So, on that note, we have jotted down some other crucial benefits associated with Indian Gooseberry. 



Acts As Diuretic 

Apart from being a fruit that is quite high in water content, amla is also slightly diuretic in nature, which means that it increases the frequency and volume of urination. Urination helps your body eliminate unwanted toxins and excess levels of water, salt, and uric acid. Thus, a diuretic substance is quite beneficial for keeping your kidneys healthy and preventing urinary and uterine related infections.


Useful For Hair Care 

Amla powder is used in several hair tonics as it nourishes hair growth and hair pigmentation. It strengthens the roots, maintains colour, and improves lustre. Applying amla oil to the roots of your hair boosts hair growth too, as it reduces the chances of hair loss and baldness. 



Acts As An Anti-Aging 

Amla counters health-related hyperlipidemia by lowering the number of free radicals in the body through its antioxidant qualities. Vitamin C and antioxidants assist scavenge free radicals, which are directly linked to the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and age spots. Amla powder can also be used as a face mask to remove age spots.



Improves Liver Health 

Drinking amla juice, regularly as per Ayurveda improves vitality and vigour, and the underlying reason for it is probably associated with its ability to re-energise the liver. This fruit is effective in countering the toxic effects of excessive medication and toxic metals. The presence of phytochemicals like quercetin, gallic acid, corilagin, and ellagic acid in amla assists in free radical scavenging and in turn, detoxifying your body.



Reduces Menstrual Discomfort 

It is said that the minerals and vitamins available in amla combine to make it very useful in the treatment of menstrual cramps. Consuming it on a daily basis can lead to no or low menstrual cramps as its nutrients are always available in the system to fight against them.



Relieves Diarrhea And Dysentery 

Due to Amla’s cooling and laxative qualities, its powder is a useful component in remedies for diarrhoea and dysentery. It provides relief from several gastric syndromes and hyperchlorhydria (burning sensation in the abdomen). As a laxative, it assists in flushing out the toxins or harmful substances that cause discomfort or illness. It then cools the burning sensation and decreases the discomfort often felt during diarrhoea.



The article courtesy goes to Ms Avni Kaul, Nutritionist in Wellness Coach and the Founder of NutriActivania. 


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