Cravings Then Switch To Healthy

Cravings Then Switch To Healthy

Do you have a sweet tooth and find it difficult to resist? Or you love to eat greasy food that’s delicious but unfit as per your prescription? You can enjoy your food even when you are diabetic. All you need to do is think smart and replace your favourites with the items that would not increase your sugar and cholesterol level. When people try to manage their diabetes, the first step is to change the diet and switch on to a low calorie and low glucose food with high fibre. Food directly impacts your glucose level and food rich in fibre and low on sugar helps your body to stabilise the release of glucose.


Here are some tips for smart food swap on a regular basis:

If you love to eat chocolates replace it with Berries or Oranges. These fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals & fibre. This should be a part of a diabetic diet as it helps balance your blood sugar.


If you have a habit of eating potato chips replace it with Raw veggie sticks and roasted napkins. Veggies have more nutrients and fibre that help balance the blood sugar level. It is also the simplest way to keep your stomach filled for a long time.


If you usually have colas or tetra pack juices replace it with water and unsweetened tea, buttermilk, salted lemon water. Aerated drinks and juices are all loaded with sugar while water doesn’t increase your blood glucose level, and helps you stay fit. Besides this, it keeps us hydrated and causes less exhaustion.


If you eat a sandwich for lunch, replace it with half the sandwich and a salad. This helps you to fill your stomach and bring your meal at a reasonable calorie range. It is always advisable to have 5 meals a day in small proportions.


If you like to eat chicken wings, replace with Grilled chicken sandwich with mustard. This not only skips all the fats and calories, but the turmeric in mustard has also proved to have anti-inflammatory effects in the body and help lower the blood pressure. This also offers the goodness of healthy food without negatives of deep frying.


If you have white bread, pasta in breakfast, replace it with, whole wheat bread, pasta. These are the eatables that contain far more fibre and nutrients which help to slow digestion and control blood sugar.


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