Lemons are so much more than a garnish for hot tea. They’re packed with nutrition and flavour to lighten up sodium and sugar in any dish. And now is used to enhance the flavour of a recipe, to enrich the glow of your skin and a perfect dote of natural medicine. 


Types Of Lemon 

You might say what type as there is only one form is there in the market, the yellowish-green one. But it is not true there are some different categories of lemon. Some of them are focused on a particular season while some are available in year-round.


Sour conventional lemons, such as Lisbon and Eureka, are available year-round. The love is pinkly variegated for their tart pastel flesh and striped skin. Meyers have a floral aroma and are a touch sweeter.


Lemony Tips 

Get the most bang for your buck from this flavourful fruit. Lemon can be classified as one of the most versatile ingredient presents. 


  • Taste

Use lemon to cut back on sodium when you cook its sour flavour increases the perception of salt so you can use less.


  • Health

Lemon packs a big vitamin C punch, which may lessen the duration of cold symptoms. 


  • Buying

A green colour doesn’t indicate ripeness; warm temperatures can give the peel a green tinge. Also, the heavier the fruit, the juicier it is.


  • Storage 

Lemons last longer when stored in the fridge. But bring them to room temp before using to get more juice.


Get zesty

Don’t forget the zest! Research shows that consuming citrus zest may reduce cancer risk.


  1. Channel knife zester: Use a 2-in-1 tool to create two styles of zest. One blade creates sturdy, long strips while the other creates delicate, curled pieces. 
  2. Plane zester: This tool makes finely minced pieces. Avoid zesting the white pith of the lemon; it causes zest to be too bitter.
  3. Versatile peel: This medium-size zest adds flair and flavour to any dish. It’s a great topper for seafood or desserts.
  4. Cocktail attire: Wide, long strips can be candied for desserts or used raw as a cocktail garnish.
  5. Secret zest: Stir tiny zest bits into vinaigrettes and glazes when you want flavour without texture.

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