Addiction Of Cyber World

Addiction Of Cyber World

The Internet has become a very big part of human life so much so that there are times when we can not endure without it. There is no denying the fact that with the advancement of this technology so many things have become much easier than one can anticipate, it helps our day to day life, it keeps us posted, it keeps us updated, it is fast and it also keeps us connected with our friends and family afar. But as said every good thing come with bad and if we accept the benefits, we have to acknowledge the disadvantages as well. In this case, the problem of internet addiction seems to be a matter of concern. Here we are presenting some ways that will help you to detect if you are addicted to the internet or not. Go through each point and see that if they are relevant to you in any matter.



1. The first and the foremost is spending more time with computers than actual people. The first symptom is spending more time on the hunk of metal on your desk than with the people in your life. People who are obsessed with surfing through browsers rather than meeting with actual people and seems to be spending a lot of time inside a closed room focusing on the LED screen, than my friend you are completely addicted to the Internet. It is time to get up and look for actual help and actual people.



2. Personal development is all about abiding your own boundaries, which is the point most people fails when comes to addiction. If you tell yourself that you will only spend a particular time on the internet and end up online way past than decided timeline, you are in trouble. Self-deception is a clear cut sign of internet addiction. 



3. If you are done with self-deception, here comes another sin, lying. If your family and loved ones are showing concern about your excess usage of internet and you lie to them just to get out of the scolding and to spend a little time more on the net, here comes another glaring warning.



4. Getting separated from your loved ones sure is sad, but if you feel like you can not live without the internet, there is no denying that you are addicted. The people who make there living online might disagree, but before that ask yourself that you do not need to live in your screen 24/7, or if you are doing some work like writing and you can work it on the paper, still you can not bear the thought of that one degree of separation for even few days? Not the best!



5. Sometimes what happens when a certain part of computer brokes down and the only money you left is for your coaching classes but you eventually buy the broken part rather than attending the imperative shows the level of addiction. When the anxiety of no functional computer, that needs money for other expenses kicks in, this is where you should draw the line.