The Cause Behind Erectile Dysfunction 

The Cause Behind Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction is coined as a term when a person is incompetent to keep the erection firm enough for copulation. 


Frequently having an erectile problem does not speak for concern. But if it is an ongoing issue than it may affect your self-confidence, can create stress and can contribute towards an unhealthy relationship. Also, some studies suggest that continuous erection problem can also imply an underlying health condition that is in need of treatment.


There are basically two signs that point towards erectile dysfunction. First is reduce sexual desire and second is trouble in getting and keeping a phallus.


A male coital method is quite a complex process that involves the functioning of the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. And the culprit can be among them. Furthermore, stress and mental health can also cause or sometimes worsen this dysfunction.  


A combination of both a physical error or psychological disbalance can sometimes cause erectile dysfunction.  


Some of the physical causes that can contribute towards erectile dysfunction are any form of heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity and Parkinsons. Sleep problem, alcohol and tobacco consumption can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Whereas psychological problems like stress, anxiety, depression or some kind of mental breakdown can also cause the problem. 


There are some ways that can counter erectile dysfunction or can minimise future risks. 


  1. Always speak clearly with your doctor. Describe every problem in proper detail and do not feel shy. This is not to be ashamed but to be safe in future.
  2. Manage and always monitor your diabetes, heart disease or other chronic health problems as they all play a very crucial role in erectile dysfunction.
  3. Always go for regular medical screening tests.
  4. Exercise regularly. Physical activity is a very good way to keep the hormones in balance. 
  5. Keep anxiety, depression and stress in check. Seek help if you need it because mental health condition is one of the most important points.