Expert Opinion On Health Query

Expert Opinion On Health Query

Q.1.  My mother always experiences pain in knees, especially during the winter season. What specific exercises should she perform?

Knee strengthening exercise is best when it comes to easing the pain. You can perform some basic exercises such as leg-lifts, kick-backs and more. For the leg lifts, stand against a wall and raise a leg to the side without rotating toe to the side. Keep the toe pointing forward or slightly in. Secondly, for kick-backs, stand up straight and lift a foot off the floor and bend the knee, bringing the heel toward the buttocks hold for a few seconds, then lower down. You can also seek recommendations from a practising orthopaedic.



Q.2. My cousin brother just got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at the age of 12. What precautions are needed to be taken care so that the sugar level remains in check?   

Being diagnosed with diabetes at such a young age is never a good thing, but one can keep the sugar level in check with some healthy adjustments. The first thing is to always maintain a proper weight relevant to their height. Along with this, having a balanced diet as per the instructions of a professional dietician is quite crucial. Last but not least, always take the prescribed medicines on time followed by a sound sleep. 


Q.3. From the past couple of months, my hair fall has increased drastically. Please suggest some tips and tricks, to control the rapid decline.

Hair fall can happen because of various reasons including but not limited to, low protein diet, tension, stress etc. or it can simply be an underlying symptom of some other disease.  Thus, I would suggest that you take a protein-rich diet as it helps in strengthening the follicles and in turn the hair strands. Also, it is always imperative to seek the help of a professional dermatologist and eradicate the problem from its root itself rather than just treating the symptoms without going into depth. 


Q.4. I am pregnant and carrying twins. I am also undergoing a condition of hypertension. Along with my medication, what at-home precautions I should incorporate in my daily life? 

Self-care is the best medicine when it comes to the development of a child. A nourishing diet, low sodium intake, regular monitoring of blood pressure and timely intake of medicine is very essential to tackle any incoming obstacles. Moreover, a healthy weight gain is also quite needed, especially at this stage. But above all, keep your mind at ease, as a healthy mind is really important for both the mother and the child.   


The answers are provided by Dr Pradeep Gadge, Diabetologist, Gadge Diabetes Centre. 


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