Handling Geopathic Stress

Handling Geopathic Stress

Have you ever wondered why you feel uncomfortable when you enter a particular room in your house or office? Why you don’t get a good sleep in a particular room? Why do people who are made to sit in a particular cabin or work station in their office start developing health conditions after a period of time? How can you get rid of your daily medication and reverse lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, etc?

Most of these conditions can be attributed to the presence of negative radiations in the building where one lives and works. Bio-electromagnetic radiations emanating from some of the earth’s natural sources (e.g. magnetic grid lines, underground water streams, etc.) are some of the radiations that are classified as “Geopathic Stress”.

The Geopathic Stresses are 200 times stronger than the average energy level of the human body. Therefore, these radiations start affecting the health of an individual when they are subjected to these radiations over a long period of time. If one is sleeping on a bed in their house or working in a particular cabin in their office, which is cut by a magnetic grid line or an underground water stream, then their health is affected. The extent of damage will depend on the immunity level of the person. In many cases, exposure to Geopathic stresses over a long period of time (say, a few years) has led to serious diseases such as Cancer. 

Types of Geopathic Stress:

1. Underground watercourse:

These emit energy that drains your body’s bioenergetic field. A person is susceptible to its harmful effect if he spends long periods of time above these areas. Its effect grows stronger due to the enhancement of iron in reinforced concrete in the ceilings. So if your bed happens to be directly over an underground water stream, your sleep may be affected, even if you are on the 20th floor of a building.

2. Earth Grid Systems:

They consist of straight lines of geopathic energy., which are like energetic walls that go deep into the earth but also reach miles above the surface. These lines are spaced about 6 feet apart in the north-south direction and about 10 feet apart in the east-west direction. There are clear indications of their pathogenic character.

3. Geologic fractures:

These are naturally occurring earth faultlines, but may also be caused by blasting or quarrying. These may also be the reason for physiological disturbances among people living within close proximity of them.

Impact of some of the harmful radiations and energy flows from Geopathic Stresses present in our living and working environment – homes, offices, factories, etc.  Environics provides simple, non-destructive and effective solutions to neutralise the harmful effects of Radiations within a building to enhance health, improve interpersonal relationships and work output. Also, no changes in lifestyle or in place of living or working are required by individuals.


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