Protect The Powerhouse Now!

Protect The Powerhouse Now!

Eating habits make us overlook our health consciousness when it comes to street food and oil dripping delicacies. This may not affect your system instantly but directly on long term basis. 

The liver is said to be the main organ that controls all the synthesising of enzymes and maintains the metabolism of your body. If your liver gets affected it may damage or degrade your whole body system. 

Allopathic medication for the treatment of other organs and intake of high dosage of these pills can gravely affect your liver. In recent times, doctors and experts have scrutinised that the cases related to fatty or swollen liver have increased tremendously. We tend to ignore this problem at an early stage but its adverse effects can be seen later. We think it’s just the fat that is enlarging but actually it is the size of the liver that gets enlarged.

We don’t understand its emergency until we fall into a trap of some kind of disease or ailment. With change in affluent lifestyle and eating and drinking habits, there are a number of reasons that cause pain and damage to the liver. Being the powerhouse of the human body, it is very vital for the liver to stay healthy and manage all the functions of the human body. 

What causes fatty liver?

Obesity and shift in sleeping patterns due to workaholic nature and over time schedule can result in having a fatty liver over time. Fast foods and packaged foods also lead to excessive obesity which a person might ignore at an early stage but regret later. 

People who are into regular and excessive drinking can also face similar problem of having an enlarged or fatty liver. It results in slow and irregular digestion routine, with long standing constipation and sensitivity to cold air and excessive sweating on the head. 

With time and recent surveys, it has been analysed that changing lifestyle is the main reason behind such diseases and health issues. Even adulteration in products has caused much damage to the healthy body organs that are vital for us to manage the functions for a healthy living.  


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