Come summer and most of us are running indoors to stay away from the severe temperature. From dehydration to low energy to damaged skin, the harsh heat seems to completely drain us out. It is times like these that require us to pay extra attention to our skin, hair and body which tend to look drier, duller and damaged than ever. Besides following a strict beauty regime, eating a balanced diet is of utmost importance since the skin is our largest organ and it is also the first to show a nutrient deficiency. One should indulge in hydrating, raw and high fibre foods that not only help your insides to cool down but also help flush out toxins easily.

Get that healthy glow inside-out this season by trying these summer effective beauty foods.  

1. NEEM: A miracle food for those who suffer from skin and hair problems due to internal heating of the body is Neem. It is much needed in your diet and can be consumed as a supplement. Packed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, Neem helps in purifying and clearing toxins from the blood. Hence, leaving you with clean, radiant and healthy looking skin. It is also known to help strengthen one’s immune system against infections, improve metabolism and rid your body of bacterial deposits internally.

2. HONEY: One may be surprised to hear the unique skin and hair benefits that pure honey has to offer. Loaded with nutrients, anti-oxidants and healing compounds, honey is a natural apprentice that helps draw moisture from the air into the skin and ensures that it leaves you with soft, supple, long-lasting hydrated skin. Honey is also a wonderful ingredient for treating and preventing acne.

3. OLIVE OIL: Who said olive oil can only be used in cooking? A popular ingredient in the cosmetic industry, olive oil has various skin benefits. Known to regenerate skin cells gradually, it is rich in anti-oxidants, natural fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that help prevent skin ageing, soften the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenates one’s skin. Further on, olive oil comes with the added goodness of Vitamin E and A which hydrate, maintain elasticity and softness of the skin.