Summertime Special

Summertime Special

When Shakespeare said, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day," he clearly didn't have Indian summers in mind. Since India is getting warmer year-by-year,  it’s an absolute necessity for people to stay away from pollution, hot wind, and the toxins that may cause skin damage and other summer-related concerns. To pull you out of this misery, we’ve come up with some pointers to help you make the most of summers, without getting broiled by the sun.

Cool Rashes With Baking Soda

There is probably nothing that baking soda can’t fix, and it is unquestionably useful for relieving heat rashes as well. All you have to do is soak in a tub with a few tablespoons of the powder, and it will relieve the itching and make you feel comfortable while the rash improves. If you don’t have a tub, you can directly apply baking soda to the rashes to absorb the moisture and sweat. Put the powder every few hours to get the maximum benefit, and rinse and dry the skin after you’re satisfied.


Feeling lazy after months of hibernating during the winters? So, while you get ready for the bounty of the in-season produce, detoxify with fresh fruits and vegetables that are available at the moment. Whether it’s raising the level of healthy bacteria in your gut by eating flavoured yoghurts to fight winter bloat or adding lots of greens to your morning smoothie, preparing your body today will let you gear up for the summer and you will inadvertently have the energy when the weather calls for it.


During summer, your skin is more prone to sunburn and blisters. Try exfoliating your skin gently as it buffs away the dead skin cells, and leaves the skin looking supple and radiant. Prepare homemade sugar scrubs to exfoliate your skin or you can also take a washcloth and use it to scrub your skin. However, make sure to not over-exfoliate your skin as it may lead to dryness. To heal blisters, you can smear aloe vera gel and cover it with a towel. It’s best to use the pure gel of the plant, as some processed products include ingredients such as alcohol, which may dry out your skin.

Do Not Forget The Eye Area

The area around the eyes is more tender than the rest of the face. Hence, it requires special care. Whenever you are stepping out, always remember to wear sunglasses as it will prevent the development of wrinkles around your eyes. Also, apply moisturising eye cream at night by massaging the area gently to relax the muscles. For better results, use products that contain hydrating elements such as cucumber, hyaluronic acid, and honey.


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