Weirdest Remedy You Have Ever Heard

Weirdest Remedy You Have Ever Heard

Home remedies have been used since centuries to cure numerous diseases like flu, nosebleeds, boils and bruise and many others. They have been passed down since generations and have been cherished even today as being an inexpensive way to combat common problems. They can be traced to superstition only and are not based on any scientific knowledge as such. We all know the basic home remedies but make way for these 5 weird remedies that will blow your mind.



Have a sore throat? Eat marshmallow

No one could have imagined that eating a gooey and sugary marshmallow could actually make your sore throat better. But dreams do come true as the sap from the marshmallow plant was originally used to make candies which was known for its anti-inflammatory properties and people still believe in its medicinal powers. Well, now you can try another excuse to eat a marshmallow.



For a nosebleed, try putting wet spinach behind ears

It is a well-known fact that food rich in vitamin-K work wonders for nosebleeds as it can help in blood coagulation. But some people believe that rather than eating spinach, you can just place some wet spinach behind the ears, that will stop the bleeding.   



Boost memory with chocolate-coated garlic

Some culture believes that the varied properties of garlic which are known for its health benefits when combined with chocolate acts as a memory booster. Both the foods have brain supporting antioxidants and this might be the reason for the birth of this bizarre remedy.



Cure a black eye with a hard-boiled egg

According to some Asian tradition, slip an old silver coin in a warm hardboiled egg which is freshly peeled, then wrap it in a thin cloth and rub it on the bruise. Keep on rubbing till the coin absorbs the purple hue. Surely, you didn’t see that coming, do you? 



Get curly hair with crusts

Can you imagine that crusts could give you curly hair? Neither do we, but according to some historical culture, both bread and curly hair have been associated with prosperity. So, we can safely say that the ladies in old times knows how to up their curl game. 


The article is written by Arushi Garg, Editorial Intern.


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