Wipe Out Summer Effects

Wipe Out Summer Effects

Summer is a season of playing outside and having outdoor picnics. It is the time when people love to wear stylish clothes that compliments there body curve. It brings along various problems such as heat-stroke and dehydration. But worry not, as we bring you some effective measures that you can incorporate in your daily life, and enjoy the dose of vitamin D in a joyful way.

Given down are some tips and tricks that will help you beat the heat:
1. Try to decrease the consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Because they tend to lower the fluid levels in your body by the rapid discharge of water through urination. Instead, have some soup or a cup of green tea, as they are effective and doesn't lower the body fluid levels.  

2. Do not stay in the sun for too long. If you have to stay out for some reason, try to stay in some shaded area and use UV protected lotion on your skin. As it will help lower the penetration rate of harmful sun rays in your body.

3. Always wear light coloured and loose-fitted clothes during summer. Dark colour has more tendency to absorb sunlight as compared to light colours, which results in a rise in body temperature.  

4. Decrease the use of heat producing appliances like stove and ovens. These appliances increase the temperature of surrounding which results in the growth of body heat and increases sweating.

5. Avoid exercising in outdoor areas, if not in the early morning hours. Exercising itself increases the body heat, you do not want to add the outside temperature to it.

6. Take showers and baths to cool down the body temperature. As taking bath more than one time helps the body to maintain the temperature and also wipe out the excess oil generated by sweat.

7. It is that time of the year which can definitely take a serious toll on your body. Excess sweating removes a lot of water content from your body, which leads to dehydration. Hence, drinking water is the key. Keep yourself hydrated not only with water, but with other summer drinks, and fruits like ice tea or watermelon.