From Addiction To Style

From Addiction To Style

Addiction is now the symbol of a class gradient in many developed countries. There was a time when people generally male were considered suitable for drinking and smoking, But these days women are at par with men even for drinking. And thus a style of living - the statement of addiction.

Their is a notion that smoking and drinking  are taboos of the Indian society. But a new trend is clawing its way inside, gaining popularity among the youth and modern culture. This new trend is the trend of smoke and alcohol. Instead of getting away from it, people mainly the young and working generation are getting more involved in it.  

It is very shocking to see, how a number of people are welcoming this deadly tradition with open arms. They don’t even fear the outcome. Rather than being concerned about health, people are more worried about their reputation. It is becoming so much so, that if you do not drink or smoke, you are not welcomed in the modern living.

But very soon people will realise that this tradition is what it is, a trend, and trends always fade with time. But it will fade away with your health. Parties and socialising with people is not a thing that needs prevention, it is the system of addiction that needs the rain check. Before you drown your body into the river of booze, you should remember that this is not the life you are working on. A life of self-independence is a life of respect, not a life of resentment. And this addiction is only the obstacle, that is trying to keep you trapped into its eternal misery.

It is time to see that a class is not categorised by the extent of drinks and smoke. It is derived by your talent and the work you put forward. It is up to you now, whether you want to indulge in the temporary fun that brings you eternal misery or you want a long and healthy life. The choice is yours.