Bizarre Health Foods

Bizarre Health Foods

The socially aware generation of today is on top of their game when it comes to picking healthy food options. There are many wonders of nature that bless us with hale and hearth but you will be shocked how sometimes the goodness comes strange forms. There are some amazing but really bizarre foods that people devour for a better look and best health.

We are presenting you some obtrusive but highly nourishing things that people from around the world intake for better health.  


We understand its weird to even think about it let alone eat. But in every ounce of the liver of both white and red meat, there are more nutrients present than any other food items. The liver is the most concentrated naturally-occurring source of vitamin A, which makes it the biggest source of protein. Plus it is also loaded with vitamin B, folate acid and most significant and digestible forms of iron and copper. So, now are you thinking to add liver in your list of healthy food.


Feasting on a grasshopper sounds horrible and terrifying. But grasshoppers are an amazing source of snacks that is relished in many parts of the world like Mexico and South East Asian countries. Believe it or not but some people think that after frying and spicing grasshoppers it becomes palatable in taste. But leaving the flavour aside, grasshoppers are a pack of protein knock. It is also high in vitamin A and C. As well as it is a great source of calcium, iron, omega- 3s and B12.


We know that it sounds tragic to grind the beautiful and expensive pearls. But pearl powder is an ancient Chinese ayurvedic method that is slowly started to boom in the beauty industry. The pearl powder contains an amino acid, trace minerals, magnesium and loads of calcium. These are the things that are deficient in many people. Also, pearl powder is extremely helpful for hyperpigmentation and to even the skin tone.


If you are looking for a way to ward off armpit sweat and stink, some say plants are the best helpers. Drink a few drops of liquid chlorophyll and this organic substance helps remove toxins that get into your body. The idea of drinking some mysterious drops might be spooky, but you can choose chlorophyll by preferring dark, leafy greens and herbal plants.