Being a celebrity kid, Shikha always wanted to become an actress. From accompanying her father to shoot locations to scouting acting platforms, she left no stone unturned to follow her passion. But, there is more to this Veere di Wedding famed talent, than meets the eye. It is amazing to meet the star in a different light wherein she believes that true essence of fitness lies in honing your strengths and accepting your weaknesses. She juggles multiple roles such as a theatre artist, an actress, a performer and most importantly, a true role model for the millennials. In an exclusive conversation with us, Shikha voices her opinions on wellness, sensitising body image issues and her life beyond work. Edited Excerpts...


Q.1. You have been practising Pilates for quite some time now, how has it helped you?

Tremendously. Look at me in Wake up Sid and look at me in Veere Di Wedding, the difference is there for the world to see. Pilates is the only form of exercise that I’ve fallen in love with and the only one that has challenged me to centre my mind. I’d highly recommend it to everyone. 


Q.2. Nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand when aiming a fit body. Your take?

I agree completely.  Exercise can’t fight a bad diet. Your gut, heart, mind and soul need to be fed right and need to exercise consistently. 


Q.3. You have worked with two fitness enthusiasts, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja during Veere Di Wedding. Did you adapt any habits or ideas from them in terms of nutrition or fitness?

Absolutely. It will be consistency and discipline. And also how not to be too hard on yourself. 



Q.4. What is your daily skincare regime? Does it become difficult to take care of yourself considering the busy work schedules?

Eating right and regular exercise do most of the work for my skin. Then there is under eye cream, moisturiser and sunblock. That’s the Holy Grail! And, no, it is not hard to take care of yourself because of busy work schedules. It is routine, like brushing teeth. The only thing I find myself to be fighting for is the lack of sleep.



Q.5. Did you face anybody shaming issues while growing up? Did they affect you?

Yes and yes. I still do. But with time, you learn how to navigate through it. 



Q.6. How should one prevent themselves from falling into the trap of body image issues and find peace with their body? 

If you do find the magic pill that makes you find peace with your body, prescribe a lifetime supply for me, please!! Honestly, you have to work at it every day. Be cognizant to what you are saying to your young ones, to each other, to yourselves. Be kind. 


Q.7. Do you have cheat days? What is your favourite go-to meal?

Of course, I do! Not a particular meal as such, but junk or packaged food would be a good guess!