The Bright Side Of Diabetes

The Bright Side Of Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a life-altering experience in many ways. It is a chronic disease and medical science has no cure to offer, at least not yet. The key to a healthy life despite diabetes lies in your diet, exercise routine and lifestyle. Among the many must-dos are constantly tracking your blood glucose levels, lipids, and for many, weight and blood pressure. And, of course, you have to curb runaway stress. Sure, that’s a tall order. But here’s something you can do at the very outset – accept the diagnosis and incorporate the disease and all its niggling as important details into your life. There’s no point asking, ‘Why me?’ Resisting it only makes it more difficult. Besides, diabetes is a great teacher. How’s that? Well, since this is a disease you have to live with for the rest of your life, you can use it to learn patience and discipline and to up your health quotient. Why you may even discover a whole new way of looking at life! Most of all, remember, you’re not alone. Not only are there millions of diabetics out there, but there are also many ways you can connect with them for support, to share experiences and compare notes on managing the disease. You’re among millions

Keep abreast of research

Not only is the incidence of diabetes on the rise, but there are also two main reasons for the sustained interest in the disease and funding for diabetes research: the epidemics of obesity and type2 diabetes, and the increase in the number of people diagnosed with type1 diabetes. For-profit businesses and non-profit diabetes-related associations are working at breakneck speed to get the latest and greatest developments to the market. This includes both, finding a cure in the distant future and zeroing in on new treatments and technologies that are just around the corner.

Small changes, big rewards

Diabetics who are overweight need not suddenly engage in rigorous workouts or restrict themselves to a rigid diet. Research shows that the key to controlling type2 diabetes is losing 4.5-9.5 kg (5-7 per cent of your body weight) and keeping those kilos at bay. In fact, losing just a few kilos, eating healthier and walking a few times a week can cause blood glucose to plummet if you’ve diagnosed type2 early enough.


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