Caffeine and nicotine are the most widely consumed form of drugs. They are legal in most of the countries, despite the fact that these are one of the most harmful drugs that can cause serious damage to the body.

Nicotine is a type of poison that is capable of slow death. It is highly dangerous when combined with cigarettes or other tobacco products. Whereas, caffeine generally causes less serious health problems as compared to nicotine. It does have a tendency to generate bladder spasm and urinary tract irritation in sensitive individuals. Both caffeine and nicotine have a great potential of being your favourite addictions.

Many people believe that coffee and tea are the only sources of caffeine and nicotine. But there are so many other food products and beverages which we consume daily and they also contain a certain amount of caffeine and nicotine.

Here are some of the products that are very common in your household which contain a certain amount of nicotine to it.

1. Tomatoes are the most common and flavourful ingredients that enhance the taste of both indian and western culinary but you should also know that an average tomato has a nicotine concentration of 7.1-7.3 ng/g.

2. Potatoes, the most favourite and most common vegetable found in every indian kitchen. But do you know that an average potato has a nicotine concentration of 15 ng/g?

3. Eggplant is the heart of many vegetarian that also provides goodness of many nutritients. But eggplant also holds the second position, in containing 100 ng/g nicotine after tobacco. In simple words, 10 kg of eggplant has the same amount of nicotine as a stick of cigarettes.     

4. Peppers and Capsicums not just bring colour in your dish but also advance its flavour. But peppers and capsicum commonly contain a nicotine concentration of 7.7-9.2 mg per 100 gms of serving.

5. Cauliflower is considered as the plant enriched in fibre and gold in weight loss process. But not being the part of the nightshade family, who are famous for its nicotine concentration. Surprisingly, cauliflower consists 16.8 ng/g of nicotine concentration.  

Now, coming to caffeine. Since you have already seen above that there are many food items that contain nicotine. Here is the name of few that have caffeine into it:

1. Chocolate is the most famous item for the sweet lovers and the important ingredients for the bakers. But chocolate contains a considerable amount of caffeine into it. 

2. As summer is in the show, ice creams and yoghurt once again became the star of your fridge. But many company incorporate caffeine into their products. Especially, the flavours of coffee and chocolate. 

3. Cereals is the favourite go to morning item. But your cereals contain an amount of caffeine to enhance the body activity.

4. PMS medication are very good options to subside your cramps and other menstruation problems. But these medicines contain caffeine too, to help fight the pain.  

So, revealed the unknown truth of our daily consumption of caffeine. Now you decide which one to keep and which to maintain.