The Effects Of School Violence On The Kids

The Effects Of School Violence On The Kids

A child's mind is like clay and their surrounding environment and activities is what mend them into shape. The thing is everything out there is not creating a positive impact on their mind and their psychological behaviour. And one of these negative factors is the school attack and lockdown. 



School shooting ranks among the second most worriedly concerns of children aged between six to 17. And seeing a drastic growth of violence many children fear that shooting in their school is a very possible case. And it is not a matter of if for them, rather it is becoming a matter of when. 



And it is not like a school massacre is something new. Mankind can witness this gruesome act from the year 1764 when ten of the Pennsylvanian students along with their teacher died in the very first school massacre.


And from that, a new start of a heart-wrenching act has gained its acceleration. The number of people died in the school shooting and tragedies in the starting of the 21st century is very huge then the number that can be seen in the 20th century.



Schools that undergo a real attack or threat of violence go on lockdown which is a crucial process during which the students and the teachers lock doors, draw shades and keep other security procedures in check. According to a survey in the year 2017-2018, more than 6,200 lockdown cases were registered, involving more than four million students. 



The lockdown drill is pretty important for the school and the students. If done right, this procedure creates a sense of relief and safeness in the students' mind. 



But above all the procedure and safety precautions the main thing remains is the safety off the child and not just physically, no, but mentally too. The repercussions of this hideous crime are rather catastrophic on the mindset of the innocents' children.


So, keeping everything in mind, it is important to keep in mind that safety is important to induce in every aspect of their life.