Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing

Recent years show that spending quality time in forest and nature which is known as Forest Bathing can improvise the wellness of the body and health. The term forest bathing was coined from the Japanese term ‘shinrin yoku’. Of course, it is not a new idea but a recent analysis shows that forest bathing or spending time in forests can help in reducing the stress level in people. The act goes beyond walking through nature, shinrin yoku means making contact with the environment and taking in the atmosphere of the forest.

Forest therapy is an emerging trend that is growing among people. It is providing effective treatment for adults’ depression. As spending quality time in nature away from the chaos and hustle of the city can be good for the human physic. Some researchers believe that forest bathing might help prevent lung and heart diseases. As the clean air of the forest is gold to human lungs.

Forest bathing is defined as staying, walking, resting, watching and taking in the air for a large amount of time. Some of the studies included two groups of people, one living in the chaotic life of the city and one breathing the freshness of the forest. The study showed how forest session showed a significant decrease in cortisol level (which is responsible for increasing stress in the body). Forest bathing has shown a positive influence on the mind. Both, physical interaction or mental visualisation of forest can be helpful.  

There are many issues related to the current state of forest bathing, none of them entirely confirms its benefits. But people undergoing this treatment always testify the serene relaxing they get afterward.    

Our stress has its roots in modern life, which includes work, home, school, anything that resembles city life. Therefore, anything that reminds us of these places might drive our stress level. Forest bathing removes the reminder of pressure and de-stresses the life in a healthier way.