Get Your Genes Checked

Get Your Genes Checked

Regular checkup is a very common thing of daily life, as checking your blood pressure, sugar level and eyesight is a thing of necessity. But should genetic testing be a part of your regular medical checkup? Well, this is a million dollar question and the answer is a simple yes, at least in the long run. As the most helpful part is such screening could help doctors identify the early risk of cancer, heart disease and many forms of cardiovascular disease, aiding for a more targetted and preventive care.


Well, there is a short arguing that every patients or person who steps in a clinic or hospital should get their genome screened for genetic disease right away. Since the complete knowledge about the human genes still holds a great mystery which limits the benefit of the test. But one can also not deny the fact that for a small subset of patients, genetic testing could hold so much power that moving towards a routined genomic screening would be worthwhile.


Millions of people in the world were estimated to have an identifiable genetic risk like cancer or other cardiovascular diseases. By the assistant of routine screening, these type of risks can be detected and clinically managed, helping in effectively mitigating the percentage of a lethal condition.


Studies have shown that people who have a gene with a mutation are majorly associated with some form of the disease. This significantly increases the reason to heighten the role of genetic testing in routine medical care. With regular screening, scientists can also uncover the hidden chapters of human DNA that can help in unearthing many answers. It can help in the betterment of human health and also provide a clear understanding of genetic interaction with the outer environment.   


Down the road, genetic testing might become a more routine part of medical care, but the time has yet to come