The Inferno Of Natural Life

The Inferno Of Natural Life

The world is crossing its limit of destruction and now the repercussion is showing a deadly face. The year 2019 is filled with many great achievements but it is also shown one of the biggest rising concern to mankind. One of these risks is the destruction of the 'lungs of the planet'  and other portion of rainforest all across the world. 


We can see the raging infernos grasping a tight hold around the biggest rainforest and oxygen reservoir of the world. This year had registered many cases of flaming wildfire across the forest but the recent case of Amazon become a state of emergency for the nations. 


Since Aug 15 more than 9,500 new forest fire has started across Brazil, basically in the amazon basin. This year itself recorded more than 74,000 fires in Brazil, doubled from the year 2018. The surge in the state Brazil marked a declaration of a state of emergency.


The year 2019 has the highest number of fire since the time scientist started keeping track of it.


Being the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon plays a vital role in keeping a better and balanced regulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Also being 55 million old and spread in 2.1 million square miles, this forest is often referred as the ‘lungs of the planet’, and why not considering it generates 20 per cent of world’s oxygen. 



The flames raging in the Amazon is now having widespread effects on the rest of Brazil. The smokes are plumming high in the clouds, even covering out the sun in cities which is thousands of miles away from the affected place.


The month of July set a newly found record for the most deforestation ever in the Amazon during the course of a single month. Also, the most worrisome news is that the Amazon has shrunk by 519 square miles, which by the metric is more than twice the size of Tokyo.   


As of today, many parts of the world is going up in a blaze, slaughtering thousands of species of flora and fauna. The time for action is upon us, as we are the one responsible for the destruction so we can only stop it.