Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real

Jacqueline Fernandez exudes a fresh sensuality that is both appealing and enchanting. From her journey as Miss Universe Sri Lanka in 2006 to entering Bollywood soon after, she has come a long way. The actor gives us a peek into her life and spills the beans about her fitness and investments in a freewheeling interview. Edited excerpts.

1. You’re a master of the split, and your Instagram is a testament to that. How do you prepare your body from within for such high-level stretching and workout routines?

I started my journey with yoga 10 years back, but left it in midway and got into new fads like pilates and other workout forms. However, around six months back I started yoga again as I wanted to do something more holistic. It should never be about building muscles or losing weight, but digging deep inside and understanding the body and what it can do.

2. How do you stay fit when you’re travelling or are busy with shoot schedules?

I always try to eat healthy while I am travelling, stick to my workout regime and also do yoga. Having said that, I even have a cheat meal once a week. If I am travelling to a country that I haven’t visited before and known that I won’t be coming back anytime soon, I do make an exception and have a cheat meal with a dish I really relish.

3. You have dipped your toes in every kind of fitness format there is. How often do you switch your fitness programs to stay in such good shape?

I feel a mix of everything is always good, and everything I do contributes to holistic wellness. Whether it is yoga to relieve me from stress or pilates that helps in flexibility. I try to do a good mix of everything. When I want to let loose and just go crazy, I dance.

4. What made you step into the world of wellness?

I have always been a person who likes to work out and stay fit, wellness is a lifestyle that everyone should adopt as it helps one in the long run. Everyone should take up any form of workout they like, be it cardio, yoga, pilates, etc.

5. Living a healthy lifestyle is more than a fad now. What would you say to people who’re struggling to achieve their fitness goals?

I feel most people take it as a project to get healthy and become fit. Rather, they should adopt it as a lifestyle. What you eat shows on your face and on your body, so it’s important to eat the right things.

6. Some say it’s good to have a “cheat day” where people can eat whatever they want. What’s your take on the idea?

I believe everyone should have a cheat day to enjoy the meal they love, even I keep a really strict diet throughout the week and have a cheat meal on a Sunday. One should not restrict themselves from having what they love at all. It’s always good to work out to stay fit and not kill the urge to eat at all.

7. You’re the first Bollywood celebrity to finance a consumer goods company, Raw Pressery. What made you take this role of an investor?

Before Raw was launched, I remember discussing with my friend that we need an honest cold-pressed juice brand that truly makes its products from 100 per cent natural ingredients and no added sugar. At the same time, it should also be convenient and fit in easily in our existing fast-paced life without making any compromise in quality. Easy to carry at work or simply get home-delivered whenever required without going through the hassle of making the juice on their own. Raw Pressery truly embodies all these factors and the reason why I invested in it.


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