Not A Child’s Play

Not A Child’s Play

What is your ideal pet choice? To answer this question, many people will go for a fluffy pooch or a cutesy feline. Not anymore as breaking the cliche, enters a new species, fairly attractive, equally caring and very healthy, a fish. Got an image of the adorable Nemo, we thought so too. Believe it or not but fishes are becoming rockstar famous across the globe, say it for movies, their aesthetics aspect, or the wellness benefit it poses. Whatever the reason, let’s uncover the truth together, shall we?  



When comes to health perspectives, there is no denying that keeping a pet is very effective. But not everyone can get a dog or a cat or even a hamster for that matters. So, will getting a fish to be of any good? The answer is yes. People are attracted to water, it lies in human nature. Water holds a sacred belief for many as well as a necessity for human life. So, how is sitting around an aquarium and watching the aquatic life beneficial? We are listing the reasons. 



Good For Mental Health: The hustle of everyday life requires a distraction, and having an aquarium at home sure helps. The inhabitants of the aquarium relax and soothe the human mind and lower down the anxiety level of the body. Along with that, maintaining and taking care of these little creatures work greatly for stress management.



Effect On Heart Rate: Many researches have shown that fish and aquarium positively affect the patients who are about to go through a medical procedure. Equating some of the statistical data, having these pelagic creatures around, reduces the anxiety level by 12 per cent before the procedure. Now you may understand why so many doctors, dentists and therapists have fish tanks in their offices. 



Feng Shui: It is a traditional Chinese practice and a common belief that fishes can enhance both luck and money in a person’s life. This is the reason why various Asian restaurants have fish tank near the entrance to counter the negative energy. According to ancient beliefs, an aquarium should contain nine goldfish, eight of which should be red or gold and one black, as the black fishes are supposed to absorb the fatalistic of the world.



Good For Kids: “An aquarium in the home is like a sugar treat for children, only healthier. Not only it helps in lowering the anxiety level in a child but also boost the self-confidence. I firmly believe that it helps the children to learn about the anatomy of biology, chemistry and also generates a sense of responsibility at a very young age”, says Ashish Verma, a fish house owner in Dehradun. Another forfeit point of having an aquarium at home is it inspires the creative and thinking skills of a child, as they have limited duty in caring for and freely observe the various breeds and behaviour of fish. 



Being a pet-parent is a shoulder full of responsibilities, no matter how much you love your little friends. “People believe that taking care of fish is a piece of cake, they do not comprehend the reality that these little fellas are not as high maintenance as other pets but they need proper care. Just having a fish for the sake of having a pet is not a genuine thing. Like humans, they also need love and attention, to nourish the bond they share with their owner,” says Komal Jaiprakash, an aquatic life enthusiast and a fish parent. Here are a few tips that will make sure that you are taking impeccable care of them and their environment. 



Primary Setups


Cycle The Tank Properly: If you are thinking that you are going to fill a lovely glass bowl with tap water and just plop your new fish right in it, well it is clearly not approved. At first, fill your tank with gravel, add a filter into it and then add water. Give some time for beneficial bacterias to inhabit the gravel and the filter. After doing this set the tank to maintain proper temperature and the desired pH level relevant to the fish species and lastly add some suitable lighting into it. 



Acclimatise: Before putting the fish into the tank make sure that they are accustomed to the water you are using and the water temperature. You can do this by floating them in bags or deliberately adding the tank water in the bag. This procedure will only take 15 minutes to an hour.



Living Condition And Diet 

Making Plenty Of Elbow Room: Overcrowding your finned family members is strictly restricted. To avoid this make sure there is no more than about an inch of fish per gallon of tank size. 



Segregation Is Good: Never mix aggressive fish, like betas, with community fish, like goldfish, it is just asking for trouble. Same goes for large and small fish. In order to sustain the hormonal balance in the colony, make sure to get a precise type or size of fish or keep separate environments. 



Food Diet 101: Of course your fish needs food, the important thing is not to overfeed them. Sprinkle the food gently with your hand and if the fish are leaving the food floating, then stop catering. Try to vary the diet so they can have a separate type of nourishing, like, pellets, flakes, fresh and freeze-dried foods. 



Cleanse And Monitor

Observation Means Caring: Healthy water in tank defines healthy fish. It is required to monitor the water quality which includes pH, ammonia and nitrate levels. You can either use the modern incarnation of technology or submit the water sample to nearby fish experts and make the adjustment as required.  



Clean House: A regular cleaning of the tank is very important or at an interval of a week or two. Completely change the water and filter media, vacuuming the gravel and thoroughly cleaning the glass tank.  



In-house Peace: Fish are a peaceful species, but the chances of bullying are always there, so you need to keep an eye to make sure everyone gets along. You also need to watch out for any bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, as well as generalised laziness, floating at the surface of the water and inability to stay upright.  



Emergency Kit
In case you notice any sign of illness, quarantine the unwell fish in a separate tank instantly. Contact the doctors and experts right away and figure out what is wrong and how to prevent them.