As you know that diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is defined by elevated blood sugar level. The insufficient production of insulin is the primary cause.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices are the major cause of diabetes. Obesity, sedentary habits and unhealthy consumption of food are the top rankers. The most common symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, increased hunger rate, lack of energy and delayed wound healing. If you are experiencing any of these then there is a great possibility that you have diabetes.

Diabetes is majorly said to be not permanently curable. However, it can be managed by a balanced lifestyle and treatments. Treatments like oral medication and injectables, diet modification, regular exercising are majorly important. But there is another unconventional method making all the noise in the world of diabetes, MUSIC THERAPY.

Music is always used as one of the major treatment methods for numerous medical conditions. It is an experience that triggers different components of our mind and brings positive changes in an individual. Music therapy replaces the negative thoughts from the mind like fear, anger, depression, hatred and hopelessness and brings a sign of courage to see the positive outlook of things and build an optimistic approach towards life.

Diabetes is a complex medical condition, it needs monitoring, constant care and restrictions on many enjoyable activities and habits. As diabetic treatment and oral medicines work on the physical health of the patients, the constant restrictions develop a major backlash on mental health. There comes music therapy that helps in controlling diabetes by maintaining the balance of mind. It improves the mood of the individual and reduces the stress level. It also stabilises the pulse and the blood pressure of the body. Music therapy also affects the metabolism and digestion system which improves the secretion of insulin from the pancreas.

Therefore, music is known to strike a chord with your heart. When the beat of the music is sync with your heart rate, it gives soothing effects on your mind, body and soul. When rhythms are slower than your heartbeat, it brings calmness and when beats are faster than your heart rate, it gives the feeling of excitement and exhilaration.

So, are you ready to leave your worries and stress behind, and immerse in the tranquil haven of music?