A lot of men and women working in corporate houses are becoming addicted to nicotine, they consume more cigarettes and alcohol than normal. The addictions force them to smoke at home, in the restaurants, at work, and on sidewalks. The passion for these addictions mainly gained popularity in the corporate houses. The machine work, the fixed time schedule and the pressure of the work are just the tip of the iceberg. Employers who are under a lot of pressure said to be more prone to the usage of this addictive.

Another factor of this addiction is the environment of corporate life. There is no denying that self-employment gives us independence. But sometimes, we take this dependency to an extreme level. Alcohol consumption and smoke addiction are becoming pearl for this culture. As a matter of fact, in corporate terms, it is not an addiction but a statement of style.

A study showed that more than 50 per cent of people who work in corporate houses are addictive to regular consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. These people constitute major business for the tobacco producing company, generating a huge amount of the revenue.  

Keeping this in mind we can safely say that people working in corporate houses are very much at the risk of generating dangerous health problems. And this is not just about the people who smoke, but also those who come in contact with the contaminated air, breathing into it.

Secondhand smoking is also a very huge problem in this area as it is polluting the lungs of many of the non-smokers.

Now, it is about time that people start taking the measure. They need to understand that life for light is not worth it. Instead of burning their health into the smoke of tobacco, they should indulge their mind into other productive methods, that can release their stress and turn them into the road of positivity and calmness.