Sugar Quotient Management

Sugar Quotient Management

Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases, affecting millions of people across the globe. But what makes it really annoying is the constant worry of monitoring and managing your sugar levels for the rest of your life. From the day you get diagnosed, the struggle begins as you are forced to take regular blood glucose tests just to ensure that your body is working fine.


Thankfully, there are various glucose monitoring devices available in the market, that have converted the messy time-consuming chore of taking a blood sample and getting it tested, into a simple three-step process that can be done on your own. There are on-the-go kits, which are most commonly used but are helpful only for people with a controlled sugar level, who need only one test a day. 


Accu-Chek Instant S

This is a DIY sugar monitoring system in its most basic form, where you use a lancet to get a blood sample and use disposable strips to collect and test the blood. The systems only come with 10 test strips, and you will have to buy them separately. The strips are easily available at most pharmacies, so you won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.


One drawback of this system is that the strips come with their own code, that has to be updated in the device every time you buy a new pack, making it a bit of a hassle. 


OneTouch Select Simple

Select Simple from OneTouch is a device made for people who do not require a lot of features, and only want to know their exact sugar level at the moment. There are only a couple of key changes thrown into the mix, in order to differentiate from other devices. Unfortunately, the focus of the changes which was to make the device even simpler further involves removing a few features in the process.


The first feature that is missing is code updating, which is a welcome change for people who do not want to re-configure their device every time they get new strips. 


Abbott’s FreeStyle LibrePro

Just like the one listed above, this device also measures sugar levels by monitoring the state of the interstitial fluid under the skin. However, unlike the previous one, where the sensor sends the data to the devices by itself, you have to manually scan the sensor in order to get the data.


This scan can be done by a standalone device. This data is then pushed to your own smartphone, where you can see the new results and previous records using the dedicated FreeStyle LibreLink app. 


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