Summer Has Begun

Summer Has Begun

Summer season means high temperature, stifling humidity and immense sun exposure. All possess a risk on your health and your skin.

On extremely warm days, heatstrokes and heat exhaustion are very common among individuals. When your body overheats and is unable to cool itself down, it can create a lot of problems which can turn fatal, if left untreated.    

Before you enjoy the summer with hot sleeves and street peeks it is better to know what are the worse effects that high temperature and excess heat can have against your body. Listed down are some harmful effects of sun and summer heat:

Heat Stroke: When the temperature of the body increases, the brain sends the signal to start the cooling mechanism such as sweating. When the heat stroke occurs, your body becomes unable to keep up with the cooling demand and stops producing sweat. This summer condition is very common in people and especially individuals with chronic diseases. Heat stroke becomes life-threatening, so it is important to take immediate actions.   

Heat Hives: Heat hives are also known as Cholinergic Urticaria (CU), they are the types of hives that occurs when the body temperature is raised beyond cooling. Staying in the heat for a long time is the main cause, but various other factors like gym, hot shower, high intensity work out and anxiety can also be responsible. These hives create a very itchy feeling in the body.   

Skin Cancer: This is by far the worse consequence of long-time exposure to the sun. Sun damage the skin over a long period of time or over the course of many years. The older you are the higher the is the risk of developing skin cancer due to years of exposure to the sunlight and high temperature.

Dehydration: Summer season causes the body to dehydrate. Rise in temperature, excess sweating and many more result in excess loss of water from the body. The symptom of dehydration is vomiting, dry mouth, dizziness and others.  

UV Rays: High temperature and humidity cause the body to overheat, but sun presents its own risk. In direct sunlight, the body is exposed to harmful sunlight and ultra-violet radiation which penetrates the layer of skin, leading to tearing of connective tissue.