Unwonted Myths About Lung Cancer

Unwonted Myths About Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous and growing forms of the disease in the world. Million and millions of people suffer because of it. But one thing that is very common is that no matter by which percentage this disease is catching peoples lives, the smokers won’t quit. 


And we sometimes tend to forget that smoking is not only harmful to those who smoke but in reality, it is injurious to every one of those who inhale the smoke from the air. 


But with the increasing number of lung cancer cases, species of eerie myth have latched itself with this ailments. So it is time to shine some light on reality. 


1. Myth: It is too late to quit smoking if you have been doing it for years. 

This is absolutely wrong. Quitting smoking shows immediate benefits. It makes your blood circulation much improved and also enhances the functioning of your lungs. This aids in reducing the chances of lung cancer with every passing time.


2. Myth: People often think that low tar cigarettes or light cigarettes are less injurious to health.


This is far from the truth. These cigarettes are just as harmful as any other. Also, some of the flavoured ones like menthol cigarettes are more dangerous and harder to quit. Because of its minty flavours, the people tend to inhale it more deeply.


3. Myth: Pipes and cigars are not counted as a thing of the problem.


In reality, they are just as dangerous as any other cigarettes or tobacco consumption forms. In fact, smoking pipes or cigar raises the risk of heart and lung disease to optimum heights. 


4. Myth: People believe that smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer.


That is where you are mistaken. The truth is another big cause of lung cancer is an odourless radioactive gas known as radon which can easily sweep into the wall of your houses and office. 


5. Myth: If you had lung cancer, then quitting smoking does no good.


It is not one per cent true. In fact, quitting smoking may be a lot beneficial to your medication and adds up to your healing process. Also if you need to have surgery in the treatment process, then quitting helps you heal better then you can anticipate. Also, it reduces the further chances of getting second cancer, which is very common than you might think.