Writings On The Skin

Writings On The Skin

Present your perfect face forward and defy those defining lines off your countenance. Going under the knife is no more a road less travelled.


There is one thing, I bet, you don’t want. It is old age. As we age, the process of sagging and wrinkling of skin wreaks havoc, especially on our faces (and minds!). But, we live in good times. We can whisk the worry out of the window. We have a whole host of amazing skincare specialists, miraculous treatments, wonderful plastic surgeons making inroads to sculpt the features we always craved. We spoke to Dr Rajat Gupta, Plastic Surgeon, RG Aesthetic Clinic, Delhi about it. Excerpts from interview.


What happens to our skin as we age?
Three distinct phenomena will be noticed. There is sinking, sagging and wrinkling of the skin. With age, the facial skin loses its volume. The underneath layers made of collagen and elastic fibres that form a matrix of glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid weakens. New collagen and elastin diminishes and fat and bone resorption occurs. In other words, skin becomes thinner and rougher in texture. With sagging there is loss of volume and it is evident at temples, mid-face and the area below the cheekbones. It results in a hollow facial appearance.


How do you check sagging?
Dermal fillers or fat grafting works best. It enhances the look by adding volume to the hollowed areas of your face. There are non-invasive radiofrequency treatments available too to create new collagen formation. There is also the Silhouette Soft Lift, a minimally invasive option used by middle-aged people. The latter is regarded as one of the best suture lift in the world as it gives instant results. For pronounced sagging there is surgical face and neck lift.


What treatments do women seek?
Women are conscious about their entire body. They come for treatments for décolletage, abdominal sagging (post child-bearing) and genital ageing too. Post breast-feeding women opt for Thermi Breast Tight treatment for the necessary lift. For older women with issues of greater sagging, there is Mastopexy or Breast Lift surgery. Sometimes, women also go for fat or silicone implants to reshape and transform their looks to have the well-endowed body.

Do you have non-surgical treatment options to get rid of extra fat on abdomen?
Yes. Cool sculpting is a non-surgical option whereas for drastic results there is the Liposuction procedure.


Does liposuction have side effects? How much time does it take for recovery?
Liposuction if performed by good plastic surgeon at a good hospital, using latest technologies like VASER and MicroAire (Ultrasound and Power assisted technologies), is a safe procedure. We have corrective surgical options for tummy tuck such as Abdominoplasty. Our patients get back to their daily chores in two days’ time.


What are genital rejuvenation surgeries?
Child birth may at times disfigure vagina to an extent where a woman may need plastic surgery. Medically, we found few cases cause excessive pain from undertaking sexual activity. These individuals seek improvement options such as non-invasive Thermi Va. It is a gold standard giving gratifying results. However, if vagina is too patulous along with ageing signs of labia and other parts of the genitalia, there is whole gamut of rejuvenation surgeries comprising Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty that can be taken up.


What do men go for in cosmetic surgery?
Men are splurging (smiles) on procedures like 6pack ab creation by High definition liposuction, Gynecomastia correction (removal of man boobs), as well as facial rejuvenation by non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

Ashish Pant
Assistant Editor, TCG Media

He writes on health, wellness, lifestyle, fitness and fashion.