Gift Of Sight

Gift Of Sight

Isn’t the thought that someone can see through our eyes after we leave this world, lights up some corner of our heart instantly? The joy of giving is the most fulfilling experience and when we give someone the gift of sight, we choose to do the noblest and the most beautiful thing we had ever done in our life. However, at times, lack of information and knowledge about eye donation comes as a hurdle in the way and our wish takes a back seat.

Awareness is the key

About 20 per cent of the people of this country suffers from blindness. In the past six to seven years, the awareness about eye donation has increased in our country but the actual turnout of donors is still very less. Along with a lack of awareness, there are few religious and superstition barriers that stop people from going ahead with eye donation.

The knowledge about eye donation varies as the population is heterogeneous and awareness levels are different in urban and rural areas. Literate people in urban areas are more aware than people living in rural areas. However, to sensitise people about eye donation, talk about it in driving license, Aadhar card, railway ticket, bus ticket, metro ticket, electricity bill, telephone bill, make mobile phone companies send messages and make it mandatory for hospitals to put up such request to patients. All these, along with articles in magazines and newspapers; and announcements in radio and television.”

About transplantation

The whole eye of the donor is not transplanted. Only the cornea or a layer of the cornea is transplanted and a person can donate eyes to three other people. After death, it is safer to transplant eye within 24-48 hours because it starts deteriorating after that period.

Who all can donate?

Anyone can donate eyes provided they have healthy corneas and do not have any transmissible diseases such as Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, Rabies, Leukaemia, Lymphoma, etc. Even if someone wears glasses or had any previous eye surgery can donate eyes.


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