Know Your Facts From Myths

Know Your Facts From Myths

There are so many myths related to the food that we eat, that somewhat it becomes to know what is the truth and which is a parable. These myths sometimes make good pieces go ignored and unwanted prospects in limelight. So, in order to gain complete nourishment from all the foods that are present there, the myths need a reality check.

So, ditch the old-school thoughts and mark the truth on the board. Posted below are some of the extremely biblical but totally baseless food-related myths.

1. There is a saying that vitamin C can prevent you from catching a cold and keeps the flu at bay. It is true that vitamin C helps build an immune system of the body, but only when taken in your day to day balanced diet. When consumed at the time of cold can aggravate the symptoms as food items show a cooling effect on the body.       

 2. It is often believed that eating celery burns more calories. But the fact goes by celery contains less number of calories than other food items and a higher satiating index which makes you feel full for a long period of time. You tend to consume low calories at a time. But, celery in no way itself burns calories.

3. Another myth goes by that legumes must be eaten at the same time as grains for optimal protein in the body. It is true that legumes and grains pack amino acids, protein, vitamin C and many other nutrients. But it is not mandatory to have the things at the same time for protein.

4. Many people believe that eating eggs increases cholesterol in the body. Eggs have always faced endless bashings related to health concerns in the past but in reality, eggs are an economical source of various healthy nutrients, which incorporates zinc, iron, zeaxanthin, vitamin D and brain-boosting chemical choline.