Nocturia- State Of High Blood Pressure

Nocturia- State Of High Blood Pressure

Frequent trips to the toilet at night can be a sign of high blood pressure. Many studies have registered that if you need to urinate repeatedly in the night, which is described nocturia, may be a symptom of high blood pressure/or excess fluids in the body. If you continue to have nocturia, ask your doctor to check your blood pressure and test for salt intake.

Many studies show that high salt intake is critically associated with nocturia. Related to other countries, South-Asian countries consume more salt and are more inclined to be ‘salt sensitive’, indicating their blood pressure shoots up with excess salt consumption. Taken these factors in the attention, people in Asian countries are at greater risk of developing high blood pressure problem.

Nocturia is significantly correlated with hypertension, implying the risk of hypertension rises gradually as the number of nocturia episodes increases with every night.  

Hypertension is one of the impending health problems in Asian countries, given the volume of daily salt intake is greater in the comparison of the other western countries. The lavish salt intake is associated with the preference of our food intake. Early diagnosis and timely management of hypertension are quite crucial in order to prevent other cardiovascular diseases.

We should always retain that nocturia is not only caused by urinary organs obstacles but can also be produced with an underlying medical condition.

More than a billion people in the world have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a leading global cause of premature death among people, accounting for millions of deaths. Proper guidelines are needed to maintain blood pressure and to reduce the risk of stroke and heart ailments. Also, a stable and fit lifestyle is also very much required, which incorporates salt limitation, moderation in alcohol consumption, a wholesome diet and regular dose of exercise. Try and stop smoking craving and control your weight particularly if you have fat deposit around the waist.