Small Pills To Wonders

Small Pills To Wonders

This science of healing has been a boon, to unravel the science and stories behind this medicinal aid, we spoke to Dr Kushal Banerjee, who has been practising for the past 12 years. Edited Excerpts: 


1. According to you, why should homoeopathy be the choice of therapy? 

Homoeopathy is a safe method of treatment suitable for a wide range of diseases and for all age groups. One of its most important benefits is the absence of any side effects. In the vast majority of diseases, homoeopathy attempts to permanently cure the problem instead of providing a temporary relief till the next episode or attack. 


2. If the medicines are so effective, why isn’t homoeopathy more popular today?

Homoeopathy enjoys immense popularity amongst patients today. This is also growing at a rapid pace. It, alone, accounts for more than 42 per cent of all patients seeking complementary and alternative medication in India. Our clinic has noted a 15 to 20 per cent increase in patient volumes every year, for several years now. 


3. The homoeopathic medications are advised to take one after the other and always after a gap of around 10 to 15 minutes. What is the reason behind it? 

Homoeopathic medicines start affecting the body as soon as they are consumed. Since their work starts almost immediately, taking more than one medicine at a time may hamper the action of the medicines. There are certain exceptions to this.


For example, based on research conducted at our clinic, we find that certain homoeopathic medicines work better when administered together providing better results. This practice should be based on some kind of research and not an arbitrary selection of multiple medicines.


4. Enlighten us about the physiological effect of homoeopathic medicines, as they are slow and are consumed in small amount as well. 

Homoeopathic medicines work through the immune system. Since they are administered in small doses, they do not have any adverse effects on any part of the body. A correctly selected homoeopathic medicine will affect only the required ‘diseased’ part of the body by stimulating the immune system in a very specific manner.


It is a common misconception that homoeopathy works slowly. The action of homoeopathic medicines depends on the disease that it is being treated.  


5. Are there any side effects or cases, in particular, where homoeopathy should be avoided?

Homoeopathy has no side effects. There are no conditions or cases where homoeopathic treatment should be avoided. It is important to note that in cases where patients have been on conventional treatment for a long time, homoeopathy may be started along with it.


Under careful monitoring, as the patient begins to respond, conventional medicine may be gradually decreased before stopping it. There are no adverse reactions to taking homoeopathy with conventional treatment.