Smart Servings

 Smart Servings

You love binging on your snacks but worried at the same time about putting on the extra weight of it. Don’t worry, the solution to this problem is in the portioning of the crunchy bites you want to consume, day in and day out. Following these tips and tricks, you will not only help yourself with weight management but will also get to preserve your favourite munchings for later use. 



Always take note to monitor the size of your serving. Make sure that you are consuming a balanced yet adequate amount of any food item. “At home, I measure out a perfect portion of food or drink to see how it looks in my dishes,” says Jill Weisenberger, author of Diabetes Weight Loss: Week by Week. “This way I will know in advance about the quantity consumed. Say, my portion of the wine is up to a specific design etched into the glass, then I know how much of it I have already had, and how much more can be yet taken in.


You can do the same for ice cream, cereal. Use any food in a dish that has markings of some sort.” To become a pro eyeballer, measure out your ideal serving size for several foods, such as berries, rice, soup, and fish, a few times each month. It can be best determined with the help of your health care team. 



Giant bowls and jumbo serving utensils may make it easier to serve a summertime crowd, but these can also lead you to feel like you are portioning out a small amount when you are really taking more than your ideal serving. Break out those dessert plates you are saving for special occasions. Treat yourself as an honoured guest and arrange your portions on one of those lovely, smaller plates. Trust us, you will feel indulged, not deprived.



Weisenberger suggests portioning the food items beforehand into single-serving, baggies or containers. “For example, if your ideal portion of crackers is six, put six crackers each into several baggies and pop those bags back into their original box.” Voilà, perfect grab-and-go snacks. You can also buy healthy ingredients like nuts in bulk, then repackage them into single-serving containers.


Some of your serving size go-tos can be, a handful of almonds fits in a baby-food-size jar, a ¼ cup of hummus or guacamole fills a 1.5-ounce container, and a serving of defrosted edamame in the pod fits in a 1½-cup bowl.



Every time you serve yourself a meal, think of veggies first. Load your plate with big portions of the colourful fresh veggies, then add in moderate helpings of lean protein and healthy fats. This way, you will naturally crowd out space that might be taken up by less-nutritious options.


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