Append The Mindful Pause

Append The Mindful Pause

In this fast-paced world that never has the time to take a momentary lapse and explore the surroundings, it is a wonderful surprise how we, have climbed up so high and reached into this glorified 21st century. We live in a society where we are expected to just keep on running and the thought of taking a minute and do nothing seems guilty enough.


But, even as we continue to address ourselves as the busiest species, it is common for the mind to experience a relentless stream of evaluative thoughts, emotions, or feelings without much effort. 



Wouldn’t it be beautiful to take a momentary pause amidst packed schedules and enjoy the views that life offers us?  As we all wish for a healthier and stress-free life; managing this continuous circle of events and improving the efficiency of mental processing.


These long-standing and repetitive actions have led to the growth of a restless mind, negatively balanced content and mood states. A mindful pause is all that we require. 


A mindful pause is an intentional break to attend something fully. It is the opposite of behaving automatically. 


By introducing these small gaps of carefully attending your normal daily activities, you can train your body and mind to be less reactive. This can mean, for instance, saying something in a less-inflammatory way or not saying anything at all.



Training yourself to pause is an act of kindness not only to yourself but also to those who will benefit from a calmer, healthier you. Best of all, pausing is easy to do. Choose an activity that you do daily, such as brushing your teeth or getting in your car. Bring all your senses to that activity: Feel the toothbrush in your hand or the seatbelt being fastened.


Notice how the toothpaste tastes or the steering wheel feels, and so on. The point is simply to pay attention. If you enjoyed that experience, you can also experiment with the following practices, or find your own ways to incorporate mindful pauses into your day.


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