Breaking The Addiction

Breaking The Addiction

Realised your fear of addiction, time to overcome it. We all know that addiction of any kind is not an easy thing to defeat. It takes courage, lots of self-control and a person’s own choice. Solving the problem on your own with the support of your friends and family will assist you in the long term. And just to make things easier we as your well-wisher are jotting down a few points that will aid you to master this craving of obsession. 


1. Set Boundaries: Changing things can only happen if you have given yourself a set boundary. Decide on how long are you going to stay online, or for how long you are going to watch something on the blue screen? Confining yourself for a fixed time period will help you achieve your goal in a proper way as it will make you more mannered and will heighten your self-control.  



2. Get Your Family Help: Your family and loved ones can contribute greatly to the cause. Tell them to monitor your net usage and advise them not to let you use the net after the given time, no matter how much you ask for it. 



3. Password Not Protected: This step may sound weird but it is utmost needed. Once your family and close friends are ready to help you, tell them to change the password of the system, router, internet, social media account and anything relatable, it may sound bizarre but this step is very much required. This will help you to stay in control without giving in to the craving. 



4. Little Modification Required: If you are the one who tends to check your emails first thing in the morning or head straight to the computer after coming home, and always intend to get off and do other things but never quite get there? A little change in the routine will help you out. Hold until you have completed your household work then give yourself some net time. Reward yourself in small amounts for holding out. 



5. Keep A Track: At last, after following every step, it is time to monitor. Keep a close watch on the things and boundaries you set and how much of you have accomplished it. This will give you a clear light on how much time you are giving on the internet and if things are working our or not.